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Welcome the World's Largest Passenger Airliner

The Airbus Widebody Family is a collection of air transportation cabins that offer more capacity and style without compromising the convenience of its passengers and crew. One of its popular makes is the Airbus A380. This model is inspired to reflect the growth of the 21st century in terms of comfort, innovation and class. The Airbus A380 is the ideal option if you choose to alleviate air traffic without limiting the space and technology in the cabin. Using the Airbus A380 will assure your company of a higher load factor, better market share and enhanced airline growth for the years to come. Whether you promote business or leisure as your key advantages in your airline, the Airbus A380 will not disappoint. In fact, the Airbus A380 is even more flexible and accessible with the latest technologies, such as advanced lighting setups and in-flight entertainment, which set the standards of top- class flying.

Mr. Thomas Lloyd 

General Info & History

The Airbus A380 is designed using the original maker of the legendary air cabin, the Airbus A3XX. The Airbus A3XX is one of the earliest models that the airplane manufacturer, Airbus, had pitted against Boeing’s leading airlines in the 1990s

Most Important Facts

The Airbus A380 has parts from Spain, Germany and England, which were sent to France for the assembly. Despite rumors, this aircraft is not the biggest in the world because it comes as a close second to the Antonov An-225. However, it is big enough to carry a total of 525 passengers and 3000 suitcases in a single flight. A total of 20 runways around the world can accommodate the size of the Airbus A380, and it needs 81900 gallons of fuel to fly. However, it is known to have the lowest emission among other VLCT aircrafts.

Interior and Cabing

The Airbus A380 is recognized as the largest commercial airliner in the whole world. It promises convenience and style in the form of spacious cabins, innovative technologies and points of leisure in the double- deck wide body. The flagship model of the Airbus A380 does not only lure high- revenue travelers from around the world with its unique flying experience. Its 21st century design also brings forth a three- class configuration that can carry a total of 525 passengers, as well as 3000 suitcases, in one flight. It has a streamlined layout, which provides wider aisles and stairs, broader seats, better head room and more personal storage.

Technical Specifications

Constructed to rival the top aircrafts in the world, the Airbus A380 is noted to have the advanced technologies and innovative specifications to offer a top- notch flying experience. The aircraft aims to provide global accessibility, better airline growth and unrivaled comfort, which define new opportunities in air travel

Airbus A380 Compared to Others

The Airbus A380 has been widely popular since its availability in the market in the year 2007. It had been compared to other aircrafts, particularly ones from Boeing.